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Should you ask your audience to donate to help an individual or to your organization?

Whether you are soliciting for an organization, like a PAC or party – or working on behalf of a charity or issues, there is always a bit of a conundrum: On one hand – you want to raise money that you have the most flexibility with. If you raise for

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Quality matters, except when status matters more.

When shopping for something, do you tend to go to multiple store to find the best value for the money – or do you tend to stop as soon as you find a product that is merely “good enough”? Consumer psychologists have labeled both kinds of shoppers: “Maximizers” tend to

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Will using humor against your opponent increase or lessen your ads impact?

What’s the difference between a magician and a politician? A magician returns your watch at the end of their performance. In the above joke, we’re clearly making a bit of a complaint about politicians, and how their theives.   So here’s the question: Was the point more effective or less effective

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